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For new medical concerns, please schedule with a physician.  You now schedule via this site to schedule.

For routine questions please use the patient portal to contact the doctors during open hours.

Dr. Bell or Dr. Weakland are available after hours for established patients. This is for medical advice to help you determine if you need to be seen at an emergency room or urgent care. If it is an emergency, call 911.

Important Clinic News

See below for Covid Vaccine information updated 4/11/2021.

We now offer both in person and virtual visits. Request virtual in your visit note when scheduling. Wait in your car or have a seat in our garden until the doctor greets you for in person visits.

Message us if you need a same day/ same week appointment and no slots are available after checking the schedule of both doctors on the To Schedule page. 

What's unique about us: 

"Integrative family medicine."

What does that mean to us?

We get to know you. We listen. We do both prevention and disease care. We utilize our combined knowledge to help you build resilience through lifestyle modification, medications and education. We hope to "teach a person to fish" meaning we want you to understand and actively be involved in your own health.  

Vaccine FAQs 4/11/2021

As of 4/15/2021 EVERYONE 16 and older is eligible for vaccine

  • Johnson and Johnson is one shot only and you must be 18 years old and older.

  • Johnson and Johnson may not be as effective for those 65 and older. 

  • Otherwise the 3 available vaccines work equally well.

  • See below for questions about J & J and blood clot risk. This is still evolving.

  • For now the data supports it is safer to take any of the 3 offered vaccines even with questions about J & J as everyone being vaccinated is what will keep you safe.

What about blood clots and the J & J vaccine? 

Can I use tylenol or ibuprofen in case of the above? 

  • Yes. There is some suggestion not to pre-treat with these medicines before you get vaccinated as it may blunt your immune response. But using these meds after you are vaccinated for symtpom relief is considered safe and appropriate.  

  • BC center for disease control   

  • cdc 

  • UCI health

Covid Vaccine

While we have done the work to get vaccines, the state has yet to provide clinics vaccines for their patients. They continue to focus on mass vaccination sites and pharmacies. We will post here if we are given a supply.

You can check the following sites. If you have the chance to get vaccinated, please accept. Locations of available vaccine change daily. 


  • University of Washington waitlist 844.520.8700. 

  • Univeristy of Washington stand by list text ENROLL to 844.520.8700

  • You can get help over the phone from Washington state's COVID-19 Assistance Hotline: Dial 1-800-525-0127, then press #. Available Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sunday, and observed state holidays 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. NOTE: If someone can assist you, the online Phase Finder may save time.

We are moving forward and relief is in site. Please hang in another 3 months in hopes we all get vaccinated. We don't want to back slide! We don't want to prolong this.


Continue with masks, hand hygiene, testing, and social isolation.​ Please no non essential travel. We're almost there if we can stay smart.

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