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We are permanently closing. 

Our last in person visit will be July 19 2024.

Download your own medical record from your patient portal. 


Your patient portal will be shutting down. 

Please download your medical record now and save an electronic or a paper copy. 

1. Login to the Patient Portal.

2. Click on View Health Records.

3. Actions drop down (small center of screen above Labs/Studies)

4. Click on Download Health Record.

5. Enter the start date then click Download.

6. A zip file and a folder will both download. 

7. Open the folder. 

8. Click on the html file

9. Call our office and leave a message if any problems. 

This should be a complete record including your medication list and your labs. 

Please call our office if you are not seeing a full record. 

Message us if you need a same day/ same week appointment and no slots are available after checking the schedule of both doctors on the To Schedule page. 

What's unique about us: 

"Integrative family medicine."

What does that mean to us?

We get to know you. We listen. We do both prevention and disease care. We utilize our combined knowledge to help you build resilience through lifestyle modification, medications and education. We hope to "teach a person to fish" meaning we want you to understand and actively be involved in your own health.  

New patient


Reviewed the info and want to schedule?
Your first visit will be with Dr Bell for 50 minutes. Schedule via our scheduling page of this site.
Email us with questions. 
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