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Please schedule a final visit.

We ask that you schedule and not message for your needs. This includes prescription refills so we can ensure you have everything you may need. 

Click the provider name below to schedule your visit. 

We will fit everyone in who wants to be seen. 


If you aren't seeing open appointments, please call our office 206 297 7678. 

Leave a message with your full name and times you are available. Our staff will text you with an appointment time. 

Tips that May Help
Provide your current insurance information when scheduling.
  • If you have Regence or Premera this includes the 3 letters 

  • If you can't get the scheduling system to work, check that all boxes are filled in and that you've chosen a time. You need all of this to get the button to activate.

  • If you have problems entering insurance choose "self-pay". Then note your insurance in the visit note.

Virtual Visits

  • Your appointment reminders will have a link for your telehealth visit. 

  • Please check the system is working for you at least 5 minutes before your visit.

  • If the doctor is running late, please wait up to 10 minutes before messaging.

Cancelling an Appointment​
  • Please reschedule the visit to a time that works for you.

  • Send us a message to cancel the original visit at least 24 hours in advance of the visit. 

  • We have a 24 hour late cancel fee. 

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