At Ballard Neighborhood Doctors we believe in providing the same high quality of care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. We accept private and state insurance and Medicare, and have a sliding scale for those to whom it is helpful.




We take insurance in order to best serve our patients. Most independent practices have chosen to be cash only due to the increasing difficulties in working with insurers. We continue to accept most major insurers including Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Private Insurance: We do not accept Cigna and Aetna insurance. We are contracted with all other major insurers. However, insurance companies have many different plans, and we may not be in-network for your particular plan. We ask our patients to be responsible for understanding their coverage and ensuring that both our providers are in-network with their plan. 

  • State insurance: If you want to be a patient with us but do not have Molina Apple Health, please call Provider One and ask to have your insurer changed to Molina. 

  • Medicare: We accept regular Medicare (our preference) as well as Regence Medicare Advantage and UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage.

For New Patients or New Insurance:

Due to our small size, we ask our patients to check with their own insurance to ensure both doctors are in-network providers on their plan. 

Annual Membership fee:
  • Beginning in 2021 we will collect an annual fee from all patients.

  • This fee allows us to purchase software so we can continue to bill insurance.

  • Payment will be collected in January of each year or the month you establish with us.

  • The fee will be $100/person or $150/one adult and children.

  • For those interested and able, you can help others with a sponsoring membership $200/person or $300/adult and children.

  • The annual fee is waived for those with Medicaid insurance. 

  • If the membership fee prevents you from being our patient, please contact us. 

  • The membership fee is intended help us continue provide personalized care to you. Our desire is not to turn away those who wish to get care with us.

Options if both providers are not in-network: 

General Insurance Questions:


If you've already contacted your insurance and are still confused, or have general insurance questions, please contact us at Our office manager is available to help you understand the complexities of insurance.

  • If one provider is covered, you pay out of pocket for any same day or same week urgent care appointments that require you to see the non in-network provider. For these urgent visits, it is at the discretion of Ballard Neighborhood Doctors which provider sees you. 

  • If neither provider is covered, you pay out of pocket for your visits. Labs, radiology, and specialists are typically still covered under your insurance.

  • For out of pocket payments, we offer a 10% time of service discount, as well as a sliding pay scale for those that need it. 

How to Pay: 

  • After your appointment, you will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurer. It will show you what they paid and what is your responsibility to pay.

  • We require all patients to have a credit card on file with us. Once the EOB is received, we will charge your card for the amount you owe.

  • Your card on file will be used for our annual membership fee starting in 2021.

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